ContructrCMS based on F3-Framework, MaterialDesign, PDO and jQuery!

That's it for Version 3.1 / 2018-02-15

Image Filter Functions
FrontEndCache-system (automatic and file-based)
Clear Frontend Caches
FrontEndOutputCompression (HTML, HTML5, CSS & Javascript)
Create, edit, order, activate, deactivate and delete pages
Page specific CSS- and JS- and META-content
Markdown-Split-View content-management
Create, edit, order, activate, deactivate and delete content-elements
Cross-Page copy and paste Content-Elements.
EASY PHP-templates with ConstructrSmartTag's (navigation, content, html, raw, ...)
Asset-Management (uploads / multiple uploads) with filter and live-preview/lightbox and pagination
Add, edit, delete assets
User management, Create, edit, delete user-accounts
User rights-management , Activate, deactivate user-rights
2-Step login
UserPassword resetting